Sculpey + Playdough = Looooooooove

I gave the kids a choice for our morning activity because we GOTS to have some sort of plan each day to keep us sane. Their choices were either indoor playpark OR make playdough and go to library storytime. Esme’s choice, of course, was “indoor playdough park.” Should’ve seen that one coming.

So, indoor playdough park it was… As an add-on to
this post, and inspired yet again by The Artful Parent, our newest obsession of the hour is sculpey-to-playdough imprints. We began by making some new fresh dough using this recipe (colorless, because I’m still searching for the perfect natural food dye…any suggestions??). Then, used our sculpey prints to imprint the dough. I’m not sure which project I like better, making the sculpey prints or imprinting…kinda like the chicken or the egg question.

Sculpies + Playdough

In either case, this newfound craft sent us journeying to the farthest reaches of the house (still gloomsville outside) for the newest and most texture-y of items to imprint upon our dough. I have to admit that I was the instigator here, as I am a tactile nut. And the kids don’t fall too far from the nut tree [ahem]. Now I just need to figure out how to use my camera so I can take some decent pics. Perhaps that would be a good activity for tomorrow.

Sculpies + Playdough, take 2

Also, the kids threw a birthday party for themselves today, including dress up and extensive decorating [sigh].

Dress Me Up Holden

I'm just tickled that they used the bean bag eggs as gifts!

Bday Presents

And I can hear Esme over the monitor now, waaaaaay past her bedtime, singing happy birthday to everyone in our family. Including the cat [big, BIG sigh]...


Mary Beth said...

What a fun post! I'm inspired to make a fresh batch of playdough very soon. I like leaving it white sometimes too.

The Artful Parent said...

Yes, aren't the sculpey nature prints great with the playdough?! I'm glad they were a hit in your family. As for a natural dye, have you thought of using one of the natural dyes that people use for easter eggs--turmeric, red cabbage, etc? I wonder how that would work with playdough. Although colorless looks very chic. :) -Jean

coronita said...

So glad you enjoyed the playdough recipe. I have found some natural food coloring at Whole Foods. They have Red (beet), Blue (blueberry) and I believe Orange (can't recall what it was). Love the imprints...will have to try that, too!

Lace said...

Well.... sadly I dont know much about natural dying..the other day I fell in love with the beet juice that was left in the pot after boiling some beets.... so I threw my white socks in thinking that they would turn out this beautiful fushia..ahem.. actually..they stayed very very white....but I AM thrilled to see that the pink cowboy boots made it to the birthday party...obviously it just wouldnt have been a party without them!!

pepperpaints said...

We also love those sculpey prints-they can become additicting.
As far as the natural dye-I got mine at Whole Foods-SELECT brand. Very pricey!!!