My Town, Day 2ish

Here’s a pic of our backyard today. Is that hail, you ask? Why yes, it is. Marble-sized ones, in fact. So glad I trusted my instincts and stayed inside today, and thankfully I have some pics from our Saturday Farmer’s Market excursion to share for My Town week

On these first few days that the sun makes an appearance after a long, wet winter, you can bet your bike that troves of Portlanders will be out and about, although farmer's market is this crowded even on the wettest, coldest days as well. Portland loves its veggies!

This magically became our dinner that evening.

And this will someday be the colors in my Rainbow Chard and Black Kale inspired quilt.

A boy and his leeks.

This would make a good quilt, too. I love those black cherry tulips.

And, one of my favorite memories of the day. The Wicky Pickers, who appropriately describe their style as "Eclectic swing, celtic and bluegrass" were playing. And it wasn't until I took this picture that I realized the guitarist had a little one in his sling the whole time. And this is what I love about Portland: you can be a guitarist, at the farmers market, in a eclectic swing celtic bluegrass band, amongst the flowers and chard, with your baby in your sling. The best of all worlds...


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the pic of your son and his leeks! The atmosphere of your farmers markets reminds me of the Versailles Marche that we used to visit each Sunday when we lived in France. Love all that fresh produce Mel!

Selina said...

Farmers markets are the best! So yummy and fresh.

Paper Dolls for Boys said...

I love the wagon shot! And the farmer's market shots make me want to be a healthier person!
Cheers, Tracey