We All Count

The craft room was abuzz with excitement this morning over the new scrap-scrap basket, so we decided to make a fabric collage. The hardest part of this project was getting the glued-on lid off the mod podge (not to mention the glued-on fabric scraps out of Esme’s hair...ahem). And once they got bored with the scraps, they searched around the craft room to incorporate found objects into the collage…leftover seeds from a seed packet, rice spilled from their earlier adventures in the tactile bin and bits and pieces from the recycle bag (yay!) And when they started gluing each other? Yes, that’s when the project came to a quick close.


But during the magical craft table transformation from gluing to painting area, I discovered to my slacker-parent amazement that Esme Claire can count! While lining up the paint bottles (her favorite activity) she appointed each one their rightly place in the favorite color hierarchy (with a “twelveteen” thrown in there for fun). She wavers on the periphery, but has 5 to 11 down pat. We couldn’t be more proud of our little self-taught counter, or feel more guilty that we were unaware of this skill. So goes life with two little ones.


And, one more dote on the kids… This is Holden’s drawing of the lion from this Alexander Henry print. I love the soulful eyes and smile. OK, done doting!


Natalie said...

Just going through my bookmarks and I opened your blog, presumably not the 1st time... so glad I bookmarked you. Your blog is really very nice. And the lion is well worth doting on... it is very frame worthy.

Gamma said...

I love Holden's drawing of the lion. He's a great little artist. Such a talented family!

Paper Dolls for Boys said...

How old is Holden again? That is really amazing, I've taught second graders that couldn't produce a drawing like that! Well done Holden!

MoziEsmé said...

Gorgeous lion!

Just wondering - what age did you start the kids with glue? I haven't been brave enough (other than glue sticks I apply myself and let Esme feel to see what sticky is). I've used tape, since that just seems more manageable.

Mary Beth said...

That lion is fabulous! And thanks for the scrap inspiration. It's always good to have ideas for all those scraps.