For the Love of Fava II

There was a write-up in this week's Food Day on spring’s most welcome legume in our household. I’m always happy to see this local, weekly, free publication show up on our front lawn, and was excited to see our fuzzy green friend acknowledged this week, but I was a bit dismayed to find that contrary to the beautiful, half-page spread of a fresh fava in all its fuzzy glory, the article was actually toting frozen as a better alternative to eating fresh.

Now I totally agree that “faced with post-work fatigue and pre-dinner chores” it’s not the easiest thing to sit down to a bowl of yet-another-thing-to-do. But aside from the obvious nutritional and environmental impact that eating fresh, local produce has, I also think it's important on a personal level for our kids to see us buying local, to see us preparing and eating fresh food and most importantly, to see us connecting actions with our words.

So in honor of that sentiment, and to put my actions where my mouth is, I am going to try to dedicate one blog post a week to our attempts at becoming, and teaching, green. I hope I don’t come off sounding preachy, because that’s not my intent. This is my (and my husband's) personal commitment to finding ways to teach our children about sustainability, and I’ve found that making goals (not deadlines), especially in blog format for the world to see, really works for me. And I’m glad I came across the article because even though I disagree with it in many respects (implying that buying frozen produce could reduce your carbon footprint??? I didn't quite get the connection there), it’s inspired me to do something I’ve had in mind for awhile.

I’m not sure where this will take us, but hopefully down a greener, happier path that includes lots of
shucky fun on the kitchen floor!

Crafty goodness tomorrow, I promise!


Lace said...

Thanks for the comment on my quilt, and sure, link away! I really like what you said about the importance of our children seeing us putting our actions where our mouths are. Because kids notice EVERYTHING and suck eveything up like little spongies! I hope to keep this in mind and really be aware of my actions as my daughter grows! Thanks for the reminder!

Julie said...

I look forward to learning from you, please teach away. I would love to be green and you guys sound like you are doing a wonderful job at it.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

You have raised some excellent points Melissa. In our busy world, convenience usually wins out. I have been pleased that my kids have been given the "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" message at primary school. Small steps....