"Take it ON!"

Vintage Pillowcase Dress

That’s what Esme said when I put this dress on her today (she’s still figuring out opposites lately – on is off, up is down…) I had to bribe her with a chocolate chip to get this pic.

Binding Detail

Made from a repurposed vintage pillowcase found in a thrift shop. Should’ve been an easy sew, but required quite a bit of tweaking after I discovered it was about 12 sizes too big for her. As in, I tried it on as a top for myself, but it was a few sizes too small for me [ahem].

There are many great tutorials and patterns out there on the innernets but unfortunately, I didn't follow them. I do need to get over my fear of patterns, and by “fear,” I actually mean snobbery. Since I don’t have time to sew complicated clothing, I naturally navigate toward the easy patterns. And when I’m there, I start thinking, “I don’t need a pattern for THAT. I can make THAT myself!!!”

Well, tell that to this dress.

Pillowcase Dress2

If the fabric holds up, she may be able to wear it to high school (and it may be back in fashion by then, too!)

Pompom Detail

What would the world be today without pom-pom fringe, I ask you? I don’t even want to imagine such a travesty.


Lace said...

Haha! I love it! looks awfully cozy ... might just have to make one for myself! Funny, your attitude towards patterns is exactly like mine toward buying clothes in a 'REAL' store (which means not a thrift store). I pick up a nice skirt.... look at the price tag and say...naaa, I can make this!! Though I rarely get around to doing it!

Tania said...

Hi - just found your blog today - through your comments on A spoonfull of sugar - love your blog - very real!! - will be adding you to my google reader! - Love Love the little dress and yes it would be great as a top with jeans - great idea with the recycled pillow case - I must go thrift shopping - as I wanted to get some vintage buttons of some old stuff - Cheers from Australia - will be back

Julie said...

I just want to know...how do you have time for all of the stuff you do? I can't even find time to make my bed in the morning and you have already sewn a dress, grown your own food and saved the world by 9am. Glad there are people like you in the world! See you soon.

Gamma said...

Cute dress. Why don't I find cute fabric like that at my thrift store?

Leave it up to Esme to find a way to get a chocolate chip! Smart girl!

MamaBlogger said...

Hi Tania, welcome!

And Julie -- Esme takes 2 1/2 hour naps and both my kids go to bed before 8pm. That leaves me lots of time for crafting. AND, I don't make my bed either :)

Lori said...

beautiful dress!! i love this project!

thanks so much for your nice comment over on my artful parent interview - i really appreciate it. :^)