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Star Swap Quilt

Here's the front of the doll quilt for the swap. I still need to quilt it and add a label, but I'm liking it and think (hope, hope, hope!) my swap partner will like it too.

9 Patch Swap Quilt

And here's my first unsuccessful attempt at a disappearing 9-patch. Although now that I've had a chance to get away from it for awhile, I kinda like it again. I think we just got on each other's nerves: too close; hovering; over-analyzing each decision. Kinda like a codependent relationship. But, we are coming away friends and that's all that matters, right?

And totally unrelated, but I can't stop thinking about this article. Especially since I read that some scientists are comparing BPA's damaging effects to that of DDT.

At any rate, I’m so glad to see our neighbors up north taking a stand on this issue, and hope the rest of the world follows in their footsteps, although it seems the US still only has "some concern." As a parent, I'm not willing to wait around for the NTP to become "more concerned" and thankfully can access great info on BPA-free products from sites like Z recommends that give me much needed comfort during my many “we need to raise our kids in a bubble” freakout moments. Here is Zrec's post on all the BPA news as of late.

OK, sorry to be a downer. Back to happy, plastic-free crafting!!


Paper Dolls for Boys said...

Both quilts are great. I particularly love the first one you did, glad you're coming back to liking it. Distance can be a good thing.

Notice I'm totally skipping over the scary chemical news... (hands over my ears humming)

amandajean said...

I like your version of the disappearing 9 patch quilt. it looks great!