oh yit

Yep - I've joined the ranks of potty-mouths worldwide with my 'yit' ($hit) proclamation at dinner tonight. Mama and daddy will need to watch their mouths from now on, I suppose.

Redmond was fun. I slept, while M&D lived it up out on the town, bike riding, playing tennis, etc. I had a great time with Koka, Tutu, Grandma G, Grandma B, Gary, and all the other random people that Tutu showed me off to around town. And K&T have these fancy doorknobs that beckon passing toddlers to reach up and open, so I was able to open many doors of opportunity on our trip...literally.

But, we've returned to our normal, rainy PDX life. Stuck indoors, papa and I came up with a great new game called vacuum cleaner vs. tractor that's pretty fun. Other than that, I'm just hanging out, waiting for my next haircut and the sun to come out (it is summer, right???)


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