Check out my new duds!

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Here are my brand-spankingly newly updated onesies. Aren't they cute? Mama iron-on transferred these 'borrowed' images from the web. I'm soooo excited to wear them, especially the mommy heart one with my flame shoes. Can you say H-O-T?

Good News! We'll be getting a brand new Bean very soon, curtesy of the insurance company. For those of you that don't know, we were involved in a car accident the day before my #1 bday, and totalled our 2-month old Sienna (AKA 'Bean'). We were all fine, but even after undergoing extensive repair, Bean was just never the same. So, he's off to the glue factory and we're getting a newly improved 'Bean2.' I hope mommy and daddy opt for the dvd player in this one (not holding my breath).

Off to do whatever it is a toddler does...

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