Zerbert Me

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Feeling MUCH better today, as this photo proves. Although I've decided that strawberries are much more fun to poke, stack, drop from the highchair and squish in my fingers than to eat. I like to keep mama on her toes, and the best way to do it is daily and dramatic changes in my food preferences.

So, the beginning of the end of nursing may be in sight. Instead of nursing before nigh-nigh this evening, I decided to have a little fun and give mama
zerberts instead. It was quite hilarious (even if I was the only one laughing) and an appropriate farewell to what was once my favorite pasttime. All great things must come to an end (except zerberts, they will always be around!).

If mommy were more on the ball, you'd be looking at a picture of me, Jett and Quinn in a rare photo op when we were all within 2 feet proximity of each other (our parents had to corral us into the pack-n-play). We were quite content sitting on each other and throwing each other's favorite toys outside for all of 5 minutes, so they siezed the opportunity and took a cute pic. But somehow mama lost her picture, so here's a quick linkie to the pics that Unka John took instead.

Off to bed I toddle...zerberts to all!

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