Towers of Tofu

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Today at lunch, I found a great new use for my tofu and carrots. Instead of eating them, I lovingly and painstakingly stacked them into little miniature towers. It was quite entertaining and a great lunchtime diversion since I've decided that eating is passe.

OK so eating isn't that bad...I've just been sick the past couple days and along with a decrease in appetite, have all the other miseries that the icky sickies bring on. Aside from enduring the pokes and prods from our pediatrician, I then had to tolerate the indignity of the temperature-taking experience and down some sickeningly sweet anti-bionic medicine. At least I got yummy baby drugs afterwards(and mommy was happy that the cute man pediatrician was on duty - at least SOMEONE benefitted from my pain!).

Anyway, I'm feeling a little better today, and mommy was happy that my temperature came down (it was 103.2! My all time record!!!).

Sweet dreams,

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