Happy Bday Gampa!!!

It's actually a belated bday wish since the blogsite was being fussy last night and taking forever to load. So, Happy Bday gampa - I'll give you big slobbery kisses when I see you in August!!

Guess What! We have a new addition to our fambly!!! Her name is Bean2, but we will call her Bean for short. Daddy took our old, devalued Bean to the minivan glue factory today and traded her for a brand spankin sparkly new van. She looks exactly like Bean1, but without the post-traumatic stress disorder. We were sad to see Bean1 go, but thank her for so bravely and courageously saving our lives in our icky accident.

If flickr wasn't being a pain right now (what is it with these fussy websites?) you'd be looking at a picture of me in my new-to-me cozy coupe car. Mama's been looking for a cozy coupe just like zoe's and spotted a FREE one, along with a cute little toddler playset on our way home from Redmond. Luckily, they were only a block from our house so we sped home and sent daddy racing back with pepe (our handy dandy toy-finding truck) to bring them home. Now, every time we pull into our driveway I greet my wonderful new toys with "weeeng" (aka "swing") and we play and play and play. Happy Toddler!! PLUS, I finally got the haircut I've been waiting for (although when mama was cutting my hair, I was picking the cut pieces up and sticking them back on my head for fun) AND the SUN CAME OUT!! Yay! I'm still not quite sure what happened to our Spring, but now we have summer, so it's ok :-)

Happy day!

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