Mr. Messy Pants

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Curses to NPR for their story on sudoku, and curses to whomever thought this crazy game up because mama is addicted! So, aside from this little skirted, bow-headed felt girl monster she made for my buddy Willow (sorry the picture is crap) mama hasn't been very crafty lately.

I, however, have been quite crafty. At OMSI yesterday, I played with (and taste tested) playdough and colored my fingers with PENS when mommy wasn't looking. I also sat on a bunch of crayons and rainbow-colored my pants...NOW I understand all the fun mommy gets to have in her craft room!

Daddy's been pretty crafty, too and is almost done hot-mudding the basement and we'll soon be ready to paint. This means LOTS of fun paint samples at home for me to play with. I'll have daddy post pics soon so you can see his progress. For now, here is a picture of DADDY after sanding this afternoon. You can see who I inherited the 'make-a-mess-of-myself' gene!

Crafty dreams!

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