Rock On

Rock On
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Jett's the true rock star. I'm just trying out his sunglasses and practicing my rock star pose.

Guess what. My very own Tutu is coming to see me on Wednesday! I'm already planning our time together - first I will lead her around the house and show her all the fun new trouble we can get into (eating kitty's food, setting off bean's car alarm via the remote, etc.). Then I'll take her outside and show her the world of trouble to be had out there (hiding under the 'can't get me' tree, picking up age-encrusted slugs and scaring mommy with them, etc.). She thinks she's leaving Saturday afternoon, but I've conspired a sneaky tutu-napping strategy and plan on having her live in my room with me...do you think Koka will notice she's gone?

Mua, haha,

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