Escape to Redmond

Guess what. I've been informed that I get to visit Tutu and Koka on Thursday - whenever that is. As soon as mommy told me that we'll be visiting said Tutu and Koka, I ran to the door and screamed. Uh-huh...next time mommy will probably wait right before we leave to reveal her surprise.

This grand day I got to frolic amongst the grass blades with the Burk girls. Well, two of them at least. Abby had a recital, and Cecelia went to cheer her on. But I did have Lael and Maryanna all to myself (although I ignored them most of the time. Toddlers can be fickle). I also got to hang out with Grandma Debby Burk and Big Grandpa Bill Burk. Big G. B. Burk is the one who announced to Tutu and Koka that I was in mommy's tummy before mommy and daddy got a chance to. He got in big trouble for that one...

It's been pretty here, but a little bit hot and sticky. I'm glad to hear our nice drizzly Portland weather is supposed to return tommorrow. I miss the puddles.

Stay cool,

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