Did you miss me?

Sorry, Blog. I have neglected you (5 whole days without a post!) But I've been the busiest of bee's...oh where do I begin??

Well, my dear Tutu has come and gone (at least I think she's gone - tuu-tuuu? Are you hiding somewhere with kitty??) We had a great visit, and I had her allllll to myself today while M&D went and dug weeds out of someone else's yard and poured concrete in someone else's basement (I question their sanity sometimes).

Tomorrow is papa's day!! So I plan on being extra super sweet to daddy and to give him the greatest gift of...myself!! This apparently is his second papa's day. I think I slept right through the first one, oops! I'll be sure to make up for it by finding him extra treasures on our neighborhood crusades tomorrow!

Hmm, what else? Well, M&D are going nuts over all the new words I'm trying out on them. It seems like every day I come up with something new and it's gush gush gush (they really need to get out more). Mama was especially fond of my new favorite word, 'no-nooo.' But I think after the 300th time, it's beginning to lose its charm (and effectiveness). I'm moving on to 'pees?' (please) which I'm finding gets me pretty much anything in the world that I want.

Ooh, I can't resist one tiny little bit of gossip - we just found out that M&D's good friends, E&J will be having a baby in January! This means that I'll have a new playmate very soon, and that M&D won't be the only ones that have to leave parties by 9pm to get to sleepies on time :-)


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