The Sky's the Limit

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This is a picture of the new pillow mama made me (pillie, meant to accompany taggie and blankie). The *plan* is for me to lay my sweet, tired head on it at the end of the day and slumber peacefully away. So far, I've totally ignored it but mama and daddy are eternally optimistic so we're keeping it around (it's pretty cute, too).

Mama's started a great new game recently called "setting limits." It's quite fun and goes something like this:
I commit a wayward deed which results in

  1. The dreaded "mommy look" or
  2. Mama's face getting all scrunched up and her voice reaching a higher octive.

If the exploit is especially ruinous, I get the grand show of all three. Then, mama says some words and we start all over again.

I think we've made some progress, mostly consisting of compromises. For example: I am free to toddle in the grocery store if I hold a finger or push the cart (our own cart must be explicitly specified, otherwise I am free to grab onto a passerby's cart of my choice); I will gladly eat the last few bites of my oatmeal if I know a yogurty reward awaits me; And I will willingly succumb to a car seat voyage if I can help fasten the buckle and secure the seatbelt thingies. Very simple demands, but vital to my contentment. Occasionally, I give in and throw them a bone or two, like wearing a hat outdoors, tolerating a bib at meals and ceasing to throw my food from the high chair. They work so hard, and it's important to keep your staff cheerful.

That's all for now. Off to my pillow-free crib for sleepies...

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