Fuzzy Fam

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What A Day! Today was a whirlwind of new faces and non-stop playing. First, mommy's friend Michelle and her cute family came to visit us. I played light saber vs. shopping cart with Mason and poked at cute little Lucas while mommy and daddy made plans to tour Italy with Michelle and Bobby someday. I would get to go, too if we can convince a grandparent or two to come along and play nanny (and accompany me on the 15-hour plane ride, riiiiight). Then, I got to meet my cousin Quinn, new baby cousin Logan and aunt Misty for the very first time. They drove all the way up from the Bay Area to visit ME (well, me, mommy, daddy, unka john, aunt gigi, jett, etc...).

Mommy made the boy froggy in the picture for Mason, baby froggy for Lucas and girl fuzzy for Quinn. Poor baby Logan got a boring old changing table cover. I didn't even wince when I handed each fuzzy over to its new owner...ok, I winced a little...ok, I cried and screamed until mama promised to make me my very own fuzzy creature family.

So, that was our big day. Yesterday was pretty noteworthy, too as I reached a very important milestone: I learned to take off my pants. Now, this may not seem like a big deal, but to a toddler, this is quite a momentous occasion. Having the ability to strip away the clothes that bind me frees my creative energy and allows me to truly express myself. Now if I could only figure out these stupid onesie snaps, I could take on the world!!

Sweet dreams,


(PS - I woke up yesterday morning with the sniffles, hence my sleepless night. So I got special yummy baby drugs before sleepies tonight...gotta love baby ibuprofen!)

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