Uber baby

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I've been thinking alot about fractals lately, and found this very cool image on the web to blog aboot. To think that something this cool is based on imaginary numbers, well, it's a little over my head but I like looking at the pretty pictures. I'm hoping daddy can explain it to me in a couple (15?) years.

Today was swell. After our morning play session I noticed mama was looking a little rough around the edges so I decided to give her a break. I took a record-breaking 3 hour long nap in which she was able to finish a project and start 2 more!! Afterwards, we all embarked upon a family carpet shopping trip only to find the carpet shop closed. Poo. So, a trip to Babies R Us was the next best thing. I was doing well until someone (I think it was daddy again) decided to put me in the Mickey-Mouse-Buggy-from-hell. A rumbling, shaking, off-key singing monster such as this has no place whatsoever in happy babyland.

Aside from the BRU Buggy incident, I'd say the day went swimmingly...

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