Check out my shoes

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Here's the pic you've all been waiting for! Me in my fancy schmancy flame shoes!! My mom's super cool friend, EJ, gave me these shoes on the day I was born and I've been waiting ever since to test drive them. Well, they're still a tad bit big on me, but mommy & daddy let me flop around the house in them and boy are they HO-T!! I'll be able to charm everyone on the playground in these puppies!

Today was my 15 month well-baby check. Well-baby checks are never much fun because mommy doesn't let me lick the fishtank in the waiting area (daddy would if she wasn't there) and they always end with me getting a big fat shot in the thigh. No matter how much I charm the doctor, the shot always comes. I'm beginning to think she's not very fond of babies.

Anyway, I weigh 20lbs and am tall and have a big head (can't remember the measurements). I'm basically a string bean with legs and a belly, but the doctor was quite impressed with my motor skills and verbal development. She said I was ahead of the game in everything but weight. I have a feeling my meals will be chock-full of avocado, butter and cheese in the coming weeks. YeeHaw!!

Off to slumber land...

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