Toddler Blues

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Today started out great. I woke up, threw taggie to the ground, banged on my crib until mama got me (and rescued taggie), and gave daddy a warm morning greeting (head-butt right to the kisser). To add a little variety to the day, I decided to poop not before, but DURING my first diaper change of the morning. I always like to keep these people on their toes.

I then toddled off downstairs to announce my awakening to Gramma, Grampa and kitty. G-ma & G-pa have been visiting all week and we've been having a grand ol' time. G-parents are GREAT. I can do no wrong, EVERYTHING I do is cute and they go nuts over the sticks, blades of grass and occasional piece of trash I happen to discover on our walks.

I was getting excited about keeping G-ma & G-pa and have them live in my room when someone (I think it was daddy) decided that we should ship them off to some faraway place named Santa Blahblah (or something like that). We drove them to the airport where a big, shiny airplane whisked them away. I'm still pretty PO'd about the whole thing, but decided that planes are pretty cool and that I would forgive mom & dad if they got me one ('they'll SEE').

Anyway, it was a fun week. Grampa is a trooper and followed me whereever my little toddler feet happened to take us and G-ma and Mama got to do some shopping. Mama bought a cool new yarn basket and found a pattern for gramma to make me a
fancy sweater. When she has time, mama will post some more recent pics, but for now, here is me and daddy riding hiraffy (for some reason this 'giraffe' makes horsie sounds when I'm riding him...Hence his name...)

'Bah-Bye' for now...HS

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