All in a day's work...

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I thought I'd share this picture because it exemplifies the true value in having a toddler around. What else would mommy and daddy be doing if they didn't have me to enchant and delight them? A simple game of step-on-daddy's-face charms them beyond words and who better for the job than a 15-month old ball of amusement?

Yes, it's true. I turned the big 1-5 on Saturday! Mama, daddy, Tutu and Koka all celebrated by devouring a yummy little chocolate cake (of which I got none, poo). The next day, I entertained T&K while mom & dad embarked on the first of their community work project endeavors. Unfortunately, mama has not performed any sort of manual labor since she gave birth to me, so 4 straight hours of yard work left her somewhat lifeless. Lucky for her, she came home to moi: freshly napped and ready to take on the world. Needless to say, I got her back for not saving me a piece of bday cake!

I had a great weekend with Tutu & Koka. I led them, fingers clutched, in roundabout zigzags to all the secret hiding spots in Costco and guided them through a fuzzy maze of carpet samples at the carpet shop. Each an adventure, and all in a day's work of an assiduous little toddler, I suppose!!

nighnigh all!

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