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My name is Holden Alexander, and I'm a macaroni and cheese-aholic. It began as a passing interest in the bright, almost neon orange glow from my highchair tray and grew into an outright insatiable desire for the little logs of yumminess. In mom's enduring quest to feed me more healthily, I have tried every kind of M&C imaginable...from Annie's organic to homemade right from mama's hands (yes - I detected the wheat germ in there). But I keep coming back to the Mother of all Macaroni's: good old KRAFT M&C. The boiling water is music to my ears as I whimper at the sight of the beautiful blue box being taken from the pantry. I've recently begun using (in the loosest sense of the word) a spork, but my all-time favorite eating method is still the fistful-scoop-to-the-mouth technique. It's not pretty, but hey, it gets the macaronis to where I want them to go. Half of them at least...

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Holden - I must agree with you on good old-fashioned Kraft M&C. I'm just a bit older than you, but I still haven't had any M&C I like better than Kraft. Especially with extra cheese and hot dogs. Yum!! -Brandi