Another day, another bump on the forehead

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Don't tell mama, but I stole this cool robot pic from this interesting article on fabbers. A fabber is a rapid proto-typing machine that can create all kinds of fun stuff from CAD designs, and I want one. I'm pretty sure by the time I'm about 4 or so, they'll have all the bugs worked out and that I'll have enough fancy green papers and shiny circle things in my piggy bank to buy my very own. Then I can create and play with all the fun 'no-no' stuff that mommy and daddy hoard to themselves - the remote, their cell phones, mommy's shiny red wallet, the kitty, etc.

I had a great time hanging out with daddy today. The big, yellow, warm thing in the sky appeared and all the grey fluffy things that make the ground wet were gone. So we frolicked amongst the rhody-den-drums and azay-lee-ahs at the rhody gardens. I met a goose (my books are wrong - gooses don't 'honk,' they 'sssssssssssss'!), and added another bump/forehead scrape to my growing collection.

To complete the day, in a frenzied 'toddler moment' I tripped, landed face-first on my sippy cup and gave myself a little baby shiner. Ahh well...we'll just have to put off my portaits yet another week (the portraits that mama's been waiting to take since I turned ONE, but that keep getting postponed due to visible bruises/bumps/scrapes/cuts/shiners that I keep managing to inflict upon myself).

And to all, a nighnigh!

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