Three times a charm

I'm not feeling very original tonight, so bear with me. Mama took a picture of my oh-so-cool flame shoes but hasn't transferred it to the big monster computer yet so you'll just have to wait till the next blog to see them. Well ok, here's a tiny peek, but be sure to come back to see them tomorrow in action!!

The number '3' was the theme for our day, it seems. It's the exact number of times I got 'caught' being naughty, the amount of trips mama made to NE Broadway to track down bean appraisals, trade-in values & MSRPs (blah blah blah), and the hours I slept for my marathon nap.

So...my no-no's for the day... I don't know what came over me today, but I just couldn't resist the accidentally opened stair gate and was halfway upstairs until mama realized something was amiss (I was a wee bit too quiet, that always tips her off!!). Then, I felt the need to take advantage of a door mistakenly left open and wreaked havoc in the downstairs bathroom. Lastly, and for about the billionth time, I pushed the big, shiny pretty button on the stereo that makes all the music go bye-bye (and drives mama nuts). Pretty standard stuff for a toddler day.

While I was peacefully aslumbering, mama spent what would otherwise be valuable project time on bean stuff, so no completed projects to report on today. poo. But she did buy some nifty iron-on-tranfer paper for our printer recently and will soon be iron-on-transferring cool things to my onesies. We both tire so quickly of boring, white onesies and this will surely spice things up. My 'flair,' if you will.

Well, I'm pooped (literally) so must run. Ta for now,

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