I have a peepee!!

Sorry, that title is a wee bit graphic (pun intended), but I'm pretty elated over my recent discovery. Imagine my surprise whilst running au naturel after my bath, I tripped and fell and…what have we here? Do I finally get to meet face to face that which I’ve pulled on and tugged at and contorted into unimaginable shapes during my diaper changes? It’s so….cute! I am quite enthralled and now, in response to the “where’s your peepee?” question, I’m able to bend over, peer past my pot belly and point out my new little buddy with pride. I will add him to the long list of body parts that I can point to on demand (although for some reason mommy and daddy don’t ask me about him in public, hmmmm).

Aside from my new bodily discovery, I’m also beginning to find my voice in this world. I woke up chanting a strange form of toddler-ese today, and although mom, dad and I have no idea what I’m saying, it’s quite enchanting.

neeeega-mama-ropblop-dah and good night,

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