I'm a rock star

Lookit me! Only 14 months old and already blogging. Aren't i the coolest thing since boobah & robeez??

Since mama's been slacking on my
website revision, i've decided to take matters into my own hands and send updates via my very own web-log. Some grandmas i know will be quite excited to hear weekly/daily/hourly? updates on my current exploits (and those of my intrepid parents). Plus, i'll blog my latest pictures, activities, details of diaper contents, etc. (for those interested in some good old fashioned caca talk). And just maybe, if mama gets a toddler-free minute every so often, we can blog some of her latest projects. Ooh fun! Can't wait. But, alas, taggie is calling so i'm off to bed for some much needed baby z's.

nigh-nigh, all!

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