Toad Stools

Toadstool Swap

Wow, that title is quite unsavory, hmm? I was going for the image of a little toad sitting on a stool, but I think it went another way entirely. Anyway, since my swap partner has received said TS, I think it’s ok to share them here now.

Patchwork Toadstools

This was such a fun project, and the instructions are here if you want to make one, or a dozen, for yourself. Warning: they're addictive and I got a bit carried away, but it’s the perfect fast and easy project for time-crunched crafters.

Snail amongst

I heard mr snail is quite happy in its new North Yorkshire accommodations.

Check out the flickr group for some clever and adorable ideas. The little toadstool houses are my fave (now why didn't I think of that?)!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your toadstools are super cute! Love the bright colours and that sweet snail! What a fun idea for a swap.

lisa solomon said...


Jessica said...

I love these little toadstools-they are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Those are the coolest! I love the stiching. Did you get yours yet? Curious to see how they are different. I'm failing at my placemat swap.

Mary Beth said...

Must make these! Thanks for the inspiration. Yours turned out adorable.

Chloe said...

They really do look fab over here. They add some nice colour to drab rainy England!
Yours is somewhere on its way to you!

Unknown said...

I love those! I might just have to try them out ;)