Swap Scores

I was so focused on what to make for my sweet Toadstool Swap partner that I didn't noodle too much on what I'd receive in return. So I was very happily surprised today! check. it. out!


SO flippin flappin cute!!


I think I heard the larger-than-life and cuter-than-cute toadstool breath a transatlantic flight-worthy sigh of relief when I pulled it out of its parcel package. Even Brian loved the fabric (I'm guessing japanese?) and I adore the little door and window (I was secretly hoping for a little door and window, could you tell?)


So let's take inventory, shall we?
One large toadstool. Cute, possibly japanese fabric [check!]
One small toadstool. Cute, green on green super cool fabric [check!]
One button-eyed bird. Cute, possibly repurposed super cool sweater [check!]
One cheeky ladybug. Cute, just to be cute [check!]

I can assure you that once these guys are discovered tomorrow morning, my inventory list will be quickly depleted. Ms ladybug is fully aware of Mr snail's fate, so she's quite prepared for a future of toddler snoggling here at her new home.


Thank You Chloe!!!! Everything is much loved and appreciated!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Gorgeous! They look right at home on your nature table.

Dyan said...

That was a fun swap wasn't it? I got a cute toadstool too and some other goodies. Lots of fun!

Chloe said...

I'm so gald they arrived safe and sound!
And you got everything right too.
Both the toadstool fabrics are japanese and the ladybird and bird are repurposed fabrics.
The bird was a much loved Gap jumper.

Glad you like them and I adore mine.
Brilliant swap.

Simply Stork said...

so fun and very cute :o)