Summer Luvin


A few things I’m loving about this (finally!) sunny season:

Finding garage sale vintage canning supply bargains along with priceless advice from the original owners.

Exploring an edible/learning garden at a nearby school. Being grateful that it exists.

Reading my good friend and partner-in-strawberry-picking-crime’s cool new blog.

Enjoying my craft room (reunited, at last).


Discovering new worlds and creatures through Holden’s eyes and imagination. Laughing when he corrects my dinosaur name pronounciation.

Loving Esme’s summer strawberry infatuation and glimpsing the end of the teething tunnel.

Journeying from the city over the mountain through the farm to the desert, and back again. Seeing Reindeer in sunshine along the way.


Reuniting (and staying up much too late) with some favorite cousins, and watching the next generation of cousin-friendships form.

Dinosaur Cousins

Savoring pesto barley soup with CSA veggies (I’ll share the recipe on Veg Friday).

Receiving gifts from the earth, via my babes.

Dandelion Sweater

Knowing we are making summer memories for years to come.


Jessica said...

I just love this list. It is so important to remember the things we love because it seems as though we are often just going through the motions of life.

Mary Beth said...

I love those little earth gifts from my babes too. Sweet list.

Simply Stork said...

now that is a great list...I love the bench...I think I have a bench around here that might need a new paint job....hmmmm


MoziEsmé said...

So much to love! Would those reindeer be near Redmond? Glad you have someone to set you straight on dinosaur pronunciations - I know I botch them terribly! And I LOVE the dandelion!

DomaMama said...

Thanks for putting me on your "Summer Luvin" list--blogging's been tons o' fun! And looking forward to the barley pesto soup recipe on veg Friday!