Veg Out

Our csa contents melded nicely with our harvested veggies resulting in a nice veg-full week. The garden harvest theme this week was definitely “chard” as we have it growing out the yin yang.
The cucumber, cherry tomatoes and parsley went happily into the quinoa tabbouleh. With my carnivorous parents being here, we did much sausage and steak grilling with green beans, salad, grilled chard, and grilled onions as sides. I also made veggie tacos with the cilantro, zucchini and chard, as well as a sausage, chard and goat cheese pasta. We happily plowed our way through our mountains of fruit and headed straight back to the berry fields for more.


The kids and I are heading to Redmond, OR tomorrow (chardless, thankfully) to do some Deschutes County Fair-ing, enjoy more grandparental spoiling and leaving Brian here for some heavy-duty house remodeling. I may pester sweet Grandma B to teach me all about serger-ing, too. Happy blog week everyone!


MoziEsmé said...

That is some beautiful chard! Though the kids don't look too excited about it - wonder why?!

Simply Stork said...

yup happy blog week :o)

that chard is very impressive for sure...


Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Sounds like a fun visit! And your plans for the rest of the week should be great! Enjoy :)