tid bits

First off, an overdue thank you to Tracey from Paper Dolls for Boys for bestowing this lovely award upon my undeserving and tardy-with-the-thanks self. I’m happy to call Tracey a friend, although we’ve only met online (isn’t blogging funny, and annoying, that way?) Watch for her soon-to-open etsy shop!

Second off, I managed to finally join the hoards of crafty bloggers that have partaken of the freezer paper stencil craze. And I too now am a freezer paper stenciling addict (I say with pride). It proved to be a perfect project for a stuffy-headed Sunday while the family frolicked, sans me. I will share pics tomorrow because I'm still too stuffy-headed to download the camera pics.

And thirdly, and thankfully, I found a use for our parsley via angry chicken's genius use of quinoa in tabbouleh. As soon as I read the post I ran to the kitchen and made it. Seriously, I was so excited. I wish I could tell you that it was the most amazing salad ever, but I couldn’t taste one single bite on accounta my head is still crazy congested. But it looked pretty. And more importantly, the parsley is gone.


Anonymous said...

congrats daughter Mel!

Simply Stork said...

congrats to you :o)

~sorry about the sniffs...hindering your goodness~

get well soon :o)