Veg Day and Sniffles

We're in the midst of veggies and requisite summer colds around here. And in addition to the veggie mix, I now have an overabundance of fruit. FRUIT??? I totally did not factor piles of fruit into my veg equations.

But we’re surviving, and I have grand plans for these little fruit cherubs of mine, yessirree. That is, if I can hide them from my fruititarian children and if I can withstand the oncoming sniffles and coughs that will likely trail this sore throat/fever/chills combo. Summer colds suck.

Our veg week looked something like this:

Salad mix, Red Leaf lettuce: we eat oodles of salad so these were added to our garden lettuce harvest to create the most diverse family of salad mix ever to grace our crisper. My favorite salad dressing is a simple whisk of olive oil and seasoned rice vinegar with a dash of balsamic vinegar, tossed into the lettuce right before taking it to the table so the taste of lettuce is still the main flavor. I add any additional ingredients after tossing so they stay on top and don’t get all mushed together and turn into one giant ball of goat cheese/dried cranberry/walnut/whatever.
Romano Beans: These were yummy, I'm a fan. I just steamed em, that’s it. Yum.
Italian parsley: Still sitting in our crisper, patiently waiting while I patiently wait for some parsley revelation. Update: I just unloaded some parsley on my unsuspecting brother. Muah, ha haaaaaaa!
Chioggia Beets: Best things ever steamed and added to a salad with goat cheese.
Broccoli: The kids ate these up. I can’t get between my kids and their crazy broccoli obsession.
Summer Squash mix: Starred in Curried Tofu Scramble ala beloved 101 cookbooks
Cherries: Devoured.
Gold raspberries: Devoured.

Enjoy your weekend. I’m hoping ours will be sun-filled and sniffle-free!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Hope you are all over your colds soon! Your immune systems should be excellent with all that fresh produce you consume!

Alexis said...

Summer colds seem very unfair indeed.

Cherries are very high in Vitamin C, so you should all be on the mend soon!

Amy said...

Summer colds are the worst! So unfair - at least in winter you have to stay inside, well here at least. . . Get some sun:)