this really is a craft blog...

Cherry Quilt Front

…not just a “look how cute and smart and funny my kids are” blog (although they are pretty darn cute. And smart. OK…and funny). So here’s a completed craft endeavor to prove it!

Cherry Quilt Back

Our new picnic blanket, cleverly disguised as a quilt. Or is it our new quilt, masquerading as a picnic blanket? Either way, it affords me another week in defending my craft-blogger name tag.

Cherry Quilt Detail

Since there’s no conventional pieced-together front, I guess it’s a double-back quilt. Which, I’m sorry but starts me singing “I want my double-back-double-back-double back-quilt” every time (I really truly am sorry for that).

Cherry Quilt Detail

My favorite part is the binding fabric: the first fabric I chose upon entering Fabric Depot and the final fabric I purchased after scouring every other bolt on the 75,000 SF floor (I’m not kidding, this place is ginormicous). My MIL, with her keen fabric insight, called it from the beginning but then patiently and knowingly followed me around, adored the other fabrics I picked out, but did not waiver on her initial instincts. Oh to be decisive! (Thanks tutu!)

Cherry Quilt Detail

I bought both cherry fabrics to make Esme dresses. But it being mid-July without nary a handmade summer dress to be seen, I felt it safe to assume the fabric was fair game. We can always rip apart the picnic blanket ala the curtain scene in Sound of Music if the dress-making urge resurfaces (unlikely).


Happy quilted picnicking!


Amy said...

I love your picnic blanket - simple and beautiful :) I am the same way with my kids, they are intertwined with my projects - they keep it interesting!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Great to see you are still doing some sewing!! I love the quilted picnic blanket. Both sides are lovely and the binding is perfect. I love its reversibility.

www.pepperpaints.com said...

So pretty!! I am in awe of sewers. I barely know how to turn our machine on-lucky my 9 yr old does!

Tamar said...

The quilts (they are definitely quilts!) are gorgeous. Maybe we should start a webring for “look how cute and smart and funny my kids are” blogs of moms who really like to craft things (and maybe cook up organic veggies) but mostly have time to, well, watch their kids be cute!

Jessica said...

I love,love, love your picnic blanket. My dream blanket, which is all cut up in the basement, looks very similar to yours. I must get sewing on it!

beki said...

That is gorgeous!!

Paper Dolls for Boys said...

I love the blanket - I also love the stories of your smart, funny and cute kids! It's funny how we always feel like we have to apologize for our kid posts but really, they occupy such a huge part of our brains, time and hearts that it make total sense. These are OUR blogs and we'll blog as we damn well see fit, right?!!! I'm full of big talk in the mornings!