Book Week: My Turn!

Esme had a typical 2 1/2 year old freak out when asked to pick a favorite book today so I decided to share my current favorite instead.

Of course it's a cookbook!!!!!!!


I have The River Cottage Family Cookbook on loan from the library, but have since added it to my Christmas wish list. With pretty pics, clear instructions and easy, yummy recipes it lives up to all the rave reviews it's gathered in blogland.


The concise descriptions of the hows & whys of kitchen basics come in handy with my inquisitive little kitchen helpers. In fact, the authors encourage cooking with children from very young ages:
"The baby who sits in a highchair watching you washing and steaming some carrots, or peeling a banana, then whizzing his or her food in a blendder, is learning that the true story of lunch begins with raw ingredients, rather than with the opening of a jar."

And as an added bonus, it allowed me to engage in my all-time-favorite activity of blogging my dinner: brussel sprout gratin (recipe from book) and orange carrot soup.


Exactly 50% of our family members enjoyed the gratin this evening -- a promising ratio when it comes to brussel sprouts, methinks. (and please trust me when I say the gratin was much yummier than it looked in that last pic!)


Mich said...

I think it looks perfectly yummy in the last picture, and bru spro are not exactly my favorite! Perhaps I'm just produce-starved right now...and sleep deprived, because they've never looked so tasty!

Jessica said...

Very promising considering brusselsprouts were on the table! That cookbook looks great! I'll have to look for it the next time I am in the bookstore.

Anonymous said...

that dinner looks delicious.

ive been eyeing that book for a while and appreciate your description of it. im not always able to really look at a book before i buy it since all my book shopping is done via the internet (because there is no way im taking my kids into a book store.) i hate it when i order a book and find the recipes to be eight miles long and filled with things i would never buy.
so yeah, im definitely adding that book to my ever growing book wish list.

Ruth said...

I think it looks delicious!! I love brussel sprouts and they would be so yummy cooked like that!

Ruth xx

Anonymous said...

This book is on my Christmas list too! Maybe I should check it out at the library for a sneak peak!

Anonymous said...

Well dang me. I've been meaning to take a look at that book, and your post was a reminder. But not only does the Berkeley library not have it--neither do any of the other California libraries they link with! I thought we were supposed to be a gourmet capital or something! Sheesh.

Just another example of how Portland rocks.

Guess I'll have to peruse it at a bookstore.

Mozi Esme said...

I love all these book reviews! I'm creating a wish (& library) list...

Cloudberry said...

That brussel sprout gratin looks yummy!

Philigry said...

that looks so yummy! wow!

lisa solomon said...

i'm such a brussel sprout fan!

Anonymous said...

I love brussel sprouts so so much but I've never thought to try them in a gratin. YUM.

Simply Stork said...

wow! that looks so good...I love brusselsprouts :o)


p.s. Tag! your it :o)

wanna play??? details on my blog :o)

Anonymous said...

I'm still not sure why I havn't nabbed this book yet. I am still lingering in Apples for Jam, but have been meaning to snatch this one up for quite some time.