Book Week: Day 2

I asked Holden to name his favorite book and this is what came to his book-loving little mind:

(Actually, his first response was Charlotte's Web which we finished recently but I don't think there's a soul amongst us that hasn't heard of that one...so, this is actually his 'second favorite')

Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin is a favorite of mine as well, although I don't know what I love more: the inspiring story or the beautiful woodblock illustrations by Mary Azarian (love her!)

The true story chronicles the lifework of Wilson A Bentley who developed a technique for photographing snowflakes that proved no two flakes are alike while also revealing the inherent beauty of their intricate design.
"He watched snowflakes fall on his mittens, on the dried grass of Vermont farm fields, on the dark metal handle of the barn door. He said snow was as beautiful as butterflies, or apple blossoms."
The book speaks of dedication, passion for knowledge and reverence for nature and makes me want to run out and buy a digital microscope camera or take a woodblock class...or both!

Next up: Esme's pick (usually the closest book within reach, but we shall see what she comes up with!)


Amy @ Park City Girl said...

good stuff! I love books :)

Lori said...

woodblock illustrations - love

Philigry said...

those books sound amazing. thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

I love Mary Azarian's woodcuts too. We used to have a gardening alphabet book that she did and it was lovely as well.

Jessica said...

I love Snowflake Bentley! It is my favorite unit to teach come December/January!

Simply Stork said...

ohhhh I love this book...I think it IS the pictures :o)


patricia said...

Books, books, books!

I'm gonna have a hard time not commenting every day. (You don't mind, do you? ;-) )

My kids and I fell in love with Snowflake Bentley when we read it. Personally, I'm always fascinated with stories of people who have idiosyncratic fascinations. Who follow their bliss. And this one has that--with woodcuts!

Just makes me wish we lived somewhere with snow...