Gawd Dammitch

While I was catching up on some cleaning yesterday, I could hear happy Esme noises emanating from the craft room where she was deeply engrossed in play. I listened to little cooking phrase murmurs, orders barked at an imaginary Holden (real Holden was in Tuesday preschool) and general two-year-old ramblings and thought ahhh, I could listen to this sweet serenade all day…

And then as I listened closer I realized that she replaced her gibber-gabber monologue with “Gawd Dammitch” muttered over and over. And it wasn't stopping.

Two year old that she is, little Esme is big on imitating these days. So whatever we say, be it a kind ‘thank you’ or a not-so-kind swear word barked at a crazy driver in frustration, comes right back at us in a slightly higher octave. Since I’ve been in practice for over 4 years now, I’ve got my swear word replacement skills up to par. So, I did what any clean-mouthed mom would do and blamed the swear slip on my husband. [ahem]

After mustering up the courage to march into the craft room and ask my two-year-old to please stop swearing (without laughing), I was met by this scene.

Playdough Party

Esme’s first tea party! Her floppy guests, each seated semi-comfortably around the craft table, were being graciously treated to her legendary playdough sandwiches. And then I realized that “Gawd Dammitch” was not the swear slip that I thought. It actually translates to “Got Sandwich!!” She was hostessing, not cursing imaginary drivers like I’d imagined!!

Playdough Sandwiches

The playdough is homemade batch using this great recipe again with turmeric for the coloring. The yellow is very bright and sunny, a contrast to the current weather conditions here in our drippy northwest.

Oh and I guess an apology is in order, for silently accusing my husband of tarnishing the sweet mind (and mouth) of our impressionable young child. Apologies, my clean-mouthed sweetie.


Mozi Esme said...

What a relief! And she is so cute . . .

Anonymous said...

That's a baby book keeper story!!

Anonymous said...

LOL - that's amazing that she set up a tea party that young! You seriously have some little smarty pants(in a good way) there!

And I love you playdough with all the natural colorings. I'll add that to my summer todo list.

Simply Stork said...

how funny...you just got to laugh :o)


Mrs Pretzel said...

I LOVE that you're using natural dyes and the playdough is holding up!! I LOVE IT!! I'm gonna have to try that myself.