Attack of the Killer Finger Glop

I tried to make homemade finger paint today, inspired by this post using this recipe and well, some days competence just isn’t in the cards. Rereading the instructions now, I'm embarassed to tell you just how much cornstarch I really used and which ingredient I completely forgot. How one messes up a 3-ingredient and 1-step recipe, I do not know. I did manage to get the colors right. I tried out turmeric in place of the yellow food coloring and am happy to report that it courageously held its own. Go turmeric!


Esme took the Jackson Pollack approach (although I’m not sure if JP actually stomped on his paintings?) and Holden did his foraging for found objects thing with his. And then we all retired to the backyard for an old-fashioned hose-down.


The kids were good sports and asked if we could "do that gloppy thing again someday?"

Yeah sure, let me just write down that recipe...


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Looks like your painting was a huge success!

Paper Dolls for Boys said...

Gawd Dammitch I hate when that happens!