Veg + Strawberry Friday

We got off to a good start on the meal-making, then sloooowed waaaay down on the cooking enthusiasm by the end of the week. We used up all the CSA veggies, so goal reached, but not exactly as I intended to use them. As long as the veggies get to where they need to go (our tummies) who really cares, right? I also totally spaced it on the picture taking thing. Setting up a still life during the mayhem of dinner has no place in our routine yet. So I’ve included some pics from our berry picking excursion today on Sauvie Island. Perfect day, not quite perfect berries yet. But we had fun!


My BFF stayed with use last weekend, so I planned some pampering-style dishes for her. Saturday we grilled sausages and onions and I made baked hedgehog new potatoes with yogurt mint dipping sauce from, you guessed it, Super Natural Cooking. The dipping sauce became a quick favorite, so I sliced the cucumbers and carrots up as dipping implements. We also made a bok choi salad with apples and fava beans. I’m not sure if you’re supposed to eat bok choi raw, but it was so fresh and yummy we couldn’t resist. I also used the bok choi in a tofu scramble
(again, from Super Natural Cooking – I told you I’m boring).


And my new fave: I made burrito bowls on Sunday (burrito sans the tortilla) with faux burger crumbles, brown rice, cheese, and corn. We had a ton left over on Monday, so I threw everything in the food processor with a couple eggs and some breadcrumbs and made veggie patties. I just shaped them and pan-fried them in olive oil until crispy on both sides. We had them on the arugula, with the yogurt mint sauce again. Holden wasn’t super fond of it, but Esme loved it. This will be a mainstay on our menu list, especially since it takes care of two meals. I love that one-two dinner punch combo!


So I think that’s it? Oh yeah, the broccoli… Holden, Esme and I had steamed broccoli dipped in peanut butter for dinner one night when Brian was out. That’s right about when I lost my “what’s for dinner?” enthusiasm.

Happy weekend everyone!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your strawberry picking excursion looks like heaps of fun judging by Esme's face! I am into the on-two dinner punch combo as well - especially on nights when I am ferrying kids to their various activities.

MoziEsmé said...

Broccoli and peanut butter? I shall have to try that . . .