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A Napkin a Day
Finally started this small yet daunting project that’s been staring me down from the to-do pile: cloth napkins. They sew up quick, so I could conceivably get them done in the amount of time it will take me to write this post (ok, maybe a little longer), but because the finished product is, you know, cloth napkins, it's moving along at an uninspired crafter’s pace. So if I do one a day I’ll be a lot farther along than zero a day, like my logic?

Kiddling Pressies
Gifts for a brand new big sister and her sweet little bundle of a baby sister.

Crayon Roll

Holden loved receiving gifts when Esme was born. Plus I soooo appreciated having something to entertain Holden when E was a tiny, constant nursling. So I try to continue that tradition when our friends bring new little babers into the world.

Changing Pad

Um, errr…
Watching alotta these guys.
Oh and if you haven’t seen it yet and have 20 extra minutes to burn (or even if you don’t), watch this. I saw it last night at this sustainability on a budget workshop thingy that I attended...very fitting since i'm on a budget and all. Let me know what you think if you watch it!

And Stuff
So, yes. I’m back in the crafting saddle again and have completed a few fun projects, some of which are surprises and I can’t share just yet. My favorite is the toadstool project for the swap I signed up for (cute button over there on the right). Well, OK. Since you’re twisting my arm, here is one teeny, tiny peek. You know I can't keep secrets!!

Toadstool Peek


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your secret project looks very interesting. Your baby and sister gifts look great - I always tried to spoil the big sibling as well. The crayon roll was a great idea.

Simply Stork said...

horray, horray, the crafting bug has hit :o)

can't wait to see what the secret project is???

and what a nice and thoughtful gift for a friend...turned out so cute :o)


Anonymous said...

Man you've been busy!
Love the big sibling gifts, very thoughtful and useful.
Looking forward to the shrooms!

Jessica said...

I love the baby and big sister gifts you made- the crayon roll is very cool (I can think of a bunch of kiddos I know who would love one!) I agree that cloth napkins are *oh so fun* so sew up!