The Desert Life


Hi friends! We’re back from our whirlwind tour of Central Oregon, aka visiting the fam. Along with two family get-togethers and plenty of wild animal sightings (deer, quail, and friendly neighborhood piddle bugs), Brian and I partook(?) of the grandparental babysitting opportunity and snuck out for a windy, twilight-y game of tennis and a feast of beer and nachos at the local pub one night. Ahh, simple (and cheap) pleasures.


Anyway, we came home to a house free of angry kitty bombs (yay!) but piled high with dust bunnies. I don’t know if it was this awesome preserving class that I took before we left, the pleasure of staying in a spotless home (both my mother- and grandmother-in-law put that june cleaver slacker to shame), or the fact that my blogging buddy slash cousin extraordinaire is visiting tomorrow, but I suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to be domestic.

(Edit: we found two angry kitty bombs hidden behind the couch this morning. kitty is getting stealthy in her revenge tactics!!)


So I took advantage of this rare opportunity by putting on some jeff tweedy, rolling up my sleeves and…making a list. But topped that magical little list with “clean entire house” and then set to it. TGFL.


I’m also re-energized on the crafting front and have a multitude of small projects in mind that I’m pretty excited about. This one here in particular that I finished the embroidery in the car. Carsickness: what doesn't make you puke makes you stronger, right? Ugh.


But, first things first. Gotta go catch up on blogs, clean some more and plan a veggie fest for cousin Ryan since he refused to eat the quinoa salad and black bean brownies that I made for the fam-fests. May the force of veggies be with you, cousin Ryan.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like the most PERFECT date night evah! You have inspired me to take advantage of the built in babysitters when we go down to visit my parents (and to do something other than a movie).

Glad you are back, I know it was only a few days but I MISSED you. I am a dork.


Julie said...

Ryan will argue that he ate the brownies, but passed on the salad due to walnuts. Throw the veggies at him and we'll see how he fares:)