on the level

Rather than showing my not-so-pretty pile of WIP projects stacked up in my oh-so-messy craft room, I'll share a conversation with Holden that cracked me up today instead:

Me: I'm going to see my friend Ally tonight.
Holden (looking at me incredulously): Really?
M: Yes. Ally.
H: (laughing hysterically) Really? Are you tricking me?
M (remembering Ally is a Land Before Time character): No, not the dinosaur. D's mom, Ally.
H (still laughing hysterically): I don't believe you!
M: Yes, believe me! Ally is my friend, not a dinosaur.
H (still laughing, looking at me sideways): Someone's really named Ally?!

Yep. Walked right into that one...


dawn klinge said...

;P Poor Ally...my daughter has the same name as a certain dog we know...and I don't think she likes the comparison!

Unknown said...

He's hilarious!

lisa solomon said...

how sweet is that??
maybe you can get ally to dress up as a dino and surprise him :)

Anonymous said...

lol, i remember a similar conversation with my son when he said "no one has that name in Real Life!!!" ;^)