I have no time for a cold

I wish I was posting pics of the cool new project I've been working on lately but truth is, I haven't been working on a cool new project. I've been nursing a cold instead. Blech.

I do, however, have a cool new project brewing in my stuffed-up head. And once the stuff is gone up there, I will make it and blog it. How's that?

A sewing-related question: does anybody know what the sewing machine needle with the blue end is for? I'm down to this last needle in a pack and have been avoiding it lest it have other-worldly anti-sewing powers or something. If I'm the only one in the world with a needle with a blue end, then kindly disregard this question. Maybe the needle manufacturers are just messing with me.

Ok i'm off in search of echinecea and ginger tea. Please excuse my stuffy-headed ramblings!


stepstep said...

hey - i'm sick too! maybe it was from our friday night rendezvous? i think i need to apologize 'cause i was feeling sick friday :( i sho shorry shweetie! :( um...can i have some echinecea/ginger tea too pleez?

Philigry said...

oh no! we are just getting over colds here. i hope you feel better soon! i am excited for the new projects!

Anonymous said...

That needle might be one to use on knit material.

So sorry you have a cold.

Tammie said...

hope you feel better soon.

sorry i can't help you with your blue headed needle, but as you know i'm a bit of a novice. but i'd err on the side of caution and avoid it. ha ha

Simply Stork said...

I think it is going around...so sorry to hear you have it too :o(

hope your feeling better soon :o)

My guess about the blue needle would be for use on silky or stretch material...but I could be wrong...lets look it up on the internet :o)

ok this is what I found out...

Denim Needle It has an acute point, slender eye and a stronger shaft. Use when sewing tough, heavyweight fabrics such as denim, duck and canvas. Specialty Needles Stretch Needle - This needle is a super ballpoint needle. It is coated blue with Teflon and is used for more difficult knit fabrics.

I love the internet :o)


Michelle said...

That's too bad about your cold. I'm just getting over one, and I know it's no fun. Hopefully you won't get that lingering cough that lasts forever...and forever.

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

It's the time of year for colds - ugh! I've been avoiding the one my kids had last week. . . hope you are feeling better soon :)

Jessica said...

I hope you are feeling better! Ginger tea always makes me feel like I'm on the mend!