Tweets 'n' Twitters


These little birds are headed for the shop, but not before they tweet along with me on twitter...my newest favorite repository of the random thought spillage that seeps endlessly from my mind.


And since reading twitter tweets always brings to mind haiku, here's my ode to twitter:

twitter, you beckon
concise is not my forte
but i shall partake

Won't you join me? Steph. This means you!?!?


DomaMama said...

Hooray, you're tweeting! I'm so glad. And I love your Twitter app. I'm going to try and figure that out for my blog, too.

stepstep said...

OMG - mclovin' your GINGHAM! (she says in a gruff, LOUD, cookiemonsteresque voice:)). and your chicks definitely make me all a "twitter"!!! AND, of course, i will partake in the tweets of your wit twit!

fyi - this makes me extremely all a twitter: http://twitter.com/BarackObama

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Super cute birdies! I added you to my twitter - though I haven't done much there .. . :)