In Order

Did I really say a craft project a week? Yes. I did. And I can do that...just need to make me some lists, because I loooooooove me a good list!! And lists of lists? Those are even better. So far I have:

craft project list
kid's project list
craft + kid's project list(?)
blog update list
blogs i love list
housework (bottom of list!!!)

And I scrapped fabric list (pun intended) because there is nothing worse than walking into a place like fabric depot with a list. Believe me, I've learned that the hard way as those trips usually end in tears. And those would be my own tears, as I've also learned never to bring my kids on fabric shopping trips as it'll inevitably entail 1) many angry glares as the babes scream their way up and down the aisles and 2) me inevitably coming home with yet another Cars print that Holden falls in love with.

Anyway, I got my fill o' fabric at this weekend's FD sale AND I have gift certificates to Superbuzzy and Bolt just screaming to be spent, so into the wild crafting yonder I go...

(and thank you, lisa! you've deflowered my blog with it's very first comment!)

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