Ooo, Ooo, Oooooo

Can I tell you how sweet my husband is? Would you mind if I gush a little? I fear I left a bad impression after my last post…really, he’s a great dad and expert prune juice dispenser.

Said sweet husband is on his way now, at exactly 9:30pm, to buy a cd on which I’m craving a song (Norah Jones/Sunrise) along with a
chocolate hazelnut milkshake (which we should NOT be consuming at 9:30pm!! Bad, Bad!). But can you believe this sweetness exists in the world? (and I’m not talking about the milkshake!)

Mind you, I never sent him on those pregnancy hormone-induced midnight runs for peanut butter and sprout sandwiches. Those cravings could wait until morning. But this song in my head is so sweet and simple and is the perfect background music for the project I’m working (diligently) on. Plus, Holden loves this song and I’m envisioning waking him to sweet sounds and homemade muffins…aww.

Oh dear. I hear raindrops. Thank you BriBri!


lisa solomon said...

what a sweet guy!

Anonymous said...

such a good bribri!