Spring Sprung

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This is our nature table, in transition: pine cones, Camellias and sweet smelling Daphne. Mama nature has thrown us a few teaser days to assure that spring is on its way and we can't help but to bring her optimistic outlook indoors.

Above the table (and sweet little helper hand) is a completed project! Although it doesn't really count toward the weekly quota since it was completed sometime last month and took all of 30 minutes to make. I got it from my favorite little hut because I knew a calendar would be the perfect motivational project to get me in the crafting mode. The kiddos picked the fabric backings so it doubled as a crafty kid project, too.

And the project of the week is coming along nicely, although I do have to commandeer the kid's craft table in the evenings for more space. The paint and craft glue splotches just add to the charm, right??

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