Bad, Bad Blogger!

I know, I've neglected you, sweet blog...but with molars and garage sales and lots of other exciting stuff happening, I have no time to sit my toddler butt down in front of the computer and type. But, here I am to give a little update before I'm beckoned by some toddler curiosity or other...

On the garage sale front - we did well! We didn't make much money, but managed to get rid of ALL our CRAP! Well, most of it. I helped M&D out by taking the funny little price tag stickers off all the stuff and sticking them to various parts of my body. It was fun hanging out with Unka and Xev and talking with all our neighbors. We ended up giving most stuff away at the end, but were just happy to get it off our hands and into hands that will appreciate it (or, turn around and sell it at their g.sale in a year or so...ha!)

On the molars front - not such great news. I'm still fighting to get these things through my gums. I have the two top ones through, and one bottom one came up, took a look around and then timidly retracted back down...ARGGG!

Anyway, I must cut this short. I promise not to neglect my blogging duties and will ask mama for help in posting a cute video of me doing an insane rendition of 'ring around the rosie.'

Toddler Toodles!

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