Molar Misery

Yes, I'm donning two shiny new upper molars that mama, dada and I endured sleeplessness and misery to obtain last night. This teething business stinks, especially considering the fact that the pain and torture of breaking these pearlies through poor, swollen gums results in a *temporary* set of teeth? All this work for a trip from the tooth fairy, maybe resulting in $10 net gain if I'm lucky?? Where's the ROI in THAT???

Anyway, aside from the teething fiasco, I managed to participate in some enjoyable activites this past 4th of July weekend:
  • playing tennis with M&D (well, chasing balls around the court while M&D played 'volley around the toddler').
  • strollering in a parade, wearing my big funny glasses and waving at all the other strollerers.
  • coveting my first rootbeer at a neighborhood ice cream social (I normally regard glasses full of liquid as playthings, but not THIS stuff - I was careful not to drop a single molecule of this precious fluid)
  • hanging out with my little buddy, Holland and leading her intrepid daddy on toddler escapades around Kennedy School.
  • sleeping through the multitude of firework displays that our patriotic neighbors so loyally set off.

A big weekend for a little boy...

sweet, toothless dreams!!


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