Where the Blog?

I swear I blogged last night, but I guess it got sucked up into outer space or something. Oh well...I'll try again.

Mama and I had a disagreement today over whether the purple bulbous object on my high chair tray was a hat (my opinion) or a grape (mama's opinion). We argued for quite awhile: "at...grape...at!...nooo, grape!...AT...GRAPE!!" until I picked it up, put it on my head and demonstrated to mama that yes, it was indeed a hat. Holden 1, mama 0.

I also made the first, ever so tiniest of baby steps toward potty training. After lunch, whilst playing with my beloved tractor, I looked daddy in the eye and pronounced a barely discernable 'poop.' Daddy sniffed and discovered that yes, I had made a deposit to the diaper bank. I'm thinking this communication thing might actually be a useful skill!!

Off to slumberland...

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