Slightly past due


This is my craft book challenge project for May. Finished in June. And LATE June at that.


Yes, I’m behind. And even though I’m probably the only person holding myself accountable, I still feel guilty. And to make matters worse, I don’t even own this craft book. Just had it on loan from the library (that counts, right???)


Anyway, this is the Mendocino dress from Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. Such a fast, easy and FUN project. And to make it even faster and easier (and funner) I used a vintage pillowcase to bypass the tasks of hemming and side-seaming. Every little bit helps, right? It was perfectly sized for Esme’s 3yo little self and will likely be wearable well into her 4yo + 5yo days.


Let’s just say, getting a picture of her sitting still was the hardest part of this project.




The little capris, Esme’s summer wardrobe staple, are from this sweet etsy shop.


I heart this little dress so, so much. And luckily, my twirly, skippy, moving target of a daughter does too.


Mozi Esme said...

She is adorable! (and the dress is too...)

Jessica said...

I love that dress...I was so excited to learn that HR posted a pattern for an adult sized dress on her site. Now I just have to make that one!

Anonymous said...

its perfect! i love how you used a pillowcase.

i have that book but have only made the most simplest of things from it.

also, i was just thinking yesterday how you hadnt posted anything lately from your craft book challenge. weird.

Jess said...

Wonderful! I can see why it was difficult to take a still shot, it looks like terrific fun to twirl in that lovely dress!

Julie said...

I am holding you accountable!! because I am so on top of projects at my house,haha. Anyway, love the dress, love the kid! It looks great and it looks fun to wear. Give a hug to your cute girl for us and tell her to keep on dancing.

Michelle said...

Very cute! I think the action photos add to the fun of the outfit!

patricia said...

I love the dueling floral fabrics!

(And the Portland houses in the background! Portland, I miss you!)

Anonymous said...

such joyous photos!

Unknown said...

She is so cute!!! The dress is darling! Is that the elastic thread?

stepstep said...

oh dear heavens above - that is A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y adorable!!! did they make vintage pillowcases in my size?? 'cause i want one! maybe a vintage sheet size? ;) xo <3

Nicola said...

very sweet! the dress, the cutie wearing it, and the photos!.
i keep seeing weekend sewing projects pop up and despite all the typos i hear the book has, i want it! i want it! (my library doesn't have it and i have yet to request it on inter-library loan.)
good luck with your move!

Lori said...

beautiful girl :^)

Brittany said...

Very cute. Better late than never, right?